Sunday, July 21, 2024

It’s the Great Gateway Academy Bake-Off!

Bake Off 3

Bake Off 2

Bake 1

STAFF and students from the Gateway Academy have donned their aprons again for the yearly Staff Bake Off competition. This year for the first time, students also have their own competition too!

The competition, which has just started with the cupcake round, will progress onto further rounds; sponge, tray bake, cheesecake and sweet pastry. The winner from each week is rewarded with points for their college and are entered into the final Show Stopper with the hope of lifting the Gateway Bake Off glitter trophy!

Competition organiser, Mrs Debbie Spriggs, said “The competition is always fierce every week, and introducing the student Bake Off has made it all inclusive, creating a buzz about the food tech corridor every Wednesday afternoon! I would like to thank all staff and students for taking the time to be involved in this great competition. I am really looking forward to the coming weeks and hope that the students continue to enjoy it as much as they did in the first week.”


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