Thurrock Labour on new breakaway party from UKIP: “You will not fool people of Thurrock”

Oliver Gerrish 17

THURROCK Labour reacted with scepticism at the news that all 17 Ukip councillors have left to form a breakway party called the Thurrock Independents.

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Thurrock John Kent said:

“The news today that all UKIP councillors have resigned their party membership should surprise no one. UKIP is a rapidly sinking ship and these councillors attempt to save themselves will not fool the people of Thurrock.

“What this really shows is that the only real, strong, and responsible opposition to the Conservatives is the Labour Party. We will continue to represent the interests of the people of Thurrock against the brutal cuts of the Conservative Government, and their UKIP supporters in the so called “Thurrock Independents”.

“For the people of Thurrock the choice is clear, only a vote for Labour can deliver the jobs, homes, and local services that we desperately need.”

John Kent Dementia

Thurrock Labour Group Leader Councillor Oliver Gerrish has also reacted with scepticism.

Speaking after the announcement was made, Cllr Gerrish said, “Thurrock Labour are not buying this. They might have new colours but it’s the same old UKIP group: the same members, the same failed policies, the same broken promises and the same lack of action to help their residents.

“This is a desperate last throw of the dice from a party that is circling the drain. Do any of them really believe in anything other than a vain attempt to cling on to their seats and allowances? Thurrock residents need a group who will stand up for them and deliver a fairer, safer and cleaner Thurrock. The only party that can bring the real change we need is Labour.”

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