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Thurrock Independents : Will there bee 17 by-elections?


BACK in 2016, Stanford East and Corringham Town UKIP councillor, Colin Churchman, defected to the Conservatives.

Almost immediately, the leader of the Thurrock Ukip, cllr Graham Snell called for a by-election.

Cllr Graham Snell said: “Recently in Council ‘Real Recall’ was discussed where councillors failing to represent their constituents would be forced to resign…..Part of the agreement was councillors changing party would stand down and fight a by-election.

“Cllr Churchman was elected as a UKIP Cllr but we quickly found out he was incompatible with our group whereupon he left and became an Independent.

“We look forward to Cllr Gledhill announcing the date of the upcoming by-election.

With the shock announcement that all 17 UKIP councillors have defected to the newly formed Thurrock Independents, it will be interesting to see if there will now be seventeen by-elections.

They have announced that they will be putting forward candiates in all sixteen wards up at the local elections on May 3rd this year.

We have asked their press spokesperson and await a reply.

The only candidates who are up for re-election are:
Aveley: Tim Aker
Belhus: Jan Baker
Ockendon: Chris Baker
Stanford East and Corringham Town: Roy Jones
Stifford Clays: Graham Snell


  1. A polite request to Cllr Graham Snell, could you tell me your position on whether you and your colleagues will be standing down and fighting by-elections in Thurrock
    both you and your colleagues seem to be incompatible with your former group. Regarding Tim Aker it seems to me that he desires the salary he gets from being a UKIP MEP for the EU
    whilst being a Thurrock independent, for clarification does he belong to both groups. If so the EU money he gets from running his office in Thurrock should have nothing to do with the
    Thurrock independence group, what happens to the UKIP offices in grays town centre, which I assume are registered to UKIP, and also I presume the lease would belong to UKIP.
    Will you be getting new offices for your group, both you and Jack Duffin put forward a motion in Council concerning people leaving your group, which stated anybody leaving your group
    should face a by-election has your position changed if so why. It is my personal belief you have decided to jump ship concerning UKIP, just before it sank, in your statement to
    your- Thurrock you state that your new group will be fighting for the residents of Thurrock does that mean you wasn’t before, you also comment Thurrock Independents entirely reject traditional ‘Punch and Judy’ politics
    with all due respect UKIP are the party of ‘Punch and Judy’ politics with their leader Henry Bolton refusing to step down very much like you, I think it’s a fair comparison

  2. Cllr Graham Snell leader of UKIP at Thurrock, I am still patiently waiting for your reply at the very least you owe an answer to the people who voted for you

  3. I agree with booboo. It does look like Tim Aker is remaining an MEP for the money, something I believe will spell the end of his career.
    TIM, do the honorable thing, step down and fight whatever election is needed and show us your not just in it for yourself. I think you will gain a lot of respect if you do.


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