Thursday, July 25, 2024

Thurrock Independents Group slam Labour over “Fake News

THURROCK Independents Group Leader Cllr Graham Snell said: “In this era of ‘Fake News’ I believe it is important that when it is found, it needs to be called for what it is. Case in point, Labour’s Councillor Oliver Gerrish has accused my group of failed policies, broken promises and failing residents.

“My group have, without ever having run Thurrock Council, ensured weekly bin collections remain, ensured the Thameside Theatre stays open, fought for and achieved more litter bins, fought for and achieved a huge improvement in housing repairs and many other things that would take too long to list here.

“It is a fact that my group have been responsible for more casework than the other two Groups on the Council. In fact, I and my Deputy Cllr Roy Jones were once advised by a prominent Labour Councillor to slow down, that we didn’t need to do so much work. Needless to say, we ignored that individual! We continued to work for our residents, taking part in community Forums, organising litter picks – including a clean up on the Thames forshore and fulfilling our roles on all of the important Council committees.

“We have been, and remain a hard working group.

“I don’t recall ever having broken a promise to Councillor Gerrish or his group. I would be grateful if he could enlighten me.

“Thurrock Independents will not deal in ‘Fake News’ but we will call it out if we see it.”


  1. Could the ex UKIP or new Independent Group please confirm if Tim Aker is staying on as Euro MP.
    If he stays on, it will damage your group badly from the off as we all will know he will be then just feathering his own nest. If he resigns as per UKIP constitution, I for one (as i’m sure others will) see the man has conviction and credibility, a rare thing in politics today.

  2. UKIP already do have conviction.. it was drink driving coming out of one of there get togethers. remember ūüôā


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