Friday, July 19, 2024

Blurred Lines? Four former members of Thurrock UKIP still working for UKIP MEP

FOUR OF the members of the newly formed Thurrock Independent Group appear to still be working for a Ukip MEP.

On Friday, the 17 Thurrock UKIP councillors announced that they had left UKIP and formed the new poltical group.

Aveley and Uplands councillor, Tim Aker, made it clear that he would remain a UKIP MEP.

Recently, disaffected UKIP MEPs have remained in the European Parliament but changed their title to Independent.

Former national leader, Diane James is one example.

But a search of the European Parliament website shows that four of the Thurrock Independent councillors appear to still be working as Tim Aker’s “local assistants”.

They are:

Aveley and Uplands: Peter Smith

Aveley and Uplands: Luke Spillman

Stanford East and Corringham Town: Jack Duffin

Tilbury St Chads: John Allen

When we spoke to councillor, Luke Spillman. He explained that he was an employee of the European Parliament.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with this but it may not help them establish what is called “clear blue water” between UKIP and the Thurrock Independent Group.

However that is the call of the Thurrock electorate.

UKIP Assistants


  1. This smacks of looking after ones self and not doing right or fair by the electorate.
    Get rid of the whole lot and lets start again…Just not with Labour.

  2. Tim Aker by retaining your UKIP MEP membership, you think quite wrongly in my opinion that you will have some kind of chance. In the forthcoming UKIP leadership battle
    personally I hope you are a contender, because once the national press start digging about, into your past indiscretions, which incidentally are common knowledge to
    all elected members of your party at Thurrock Council you will ultimately both destroy yourself and the disingenuous members of your party at Thurrock Council


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