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Labour claim Thurrock Independent Group (Ukip) refuse to join campaign to save Orsett Hospital

AT January’s full council meeting, the Thurrock Independent UKIP group twice refused to join Labour’s campaign to save Orsett Hospital claimed Thurrock Labour.

Speaking after the meeting where he questioned the Independent UKIP Leader, Labour’s Oliver Gerrish said, “The Labour Group has concluded that the case for closing Orsett Hospital has not been made, and we are therefore campaigning to keep it open.

Orsett Hosp Labour

“I had hoped that the Independent UKIP Group would stand with us and residents against the closure. Unfortunately when I twice put this question to their group, they twice refused to support our campaign.

“I am naturally very disappointed by this stance. There are huge questions about the future of Orsett Hospital services that have not yet been resolved: what is the future for renal services? Where is the cast iron guarantee that capital receipts from disposal of the site would be spent in Thurrock? Why is there no detail on the scale of the services to be accessed via each medical centres? We need to be subjecting these plans to real challenge – not waving them through!

“Rather than sign a blank cheque on the future of Orsett Hospital services, we believe it is right to say no to these plans. It is a shame that Independent UKIP couldn’t join us. But make no mistake, even if we are the only party to take up the fight on behalf of Thurrock residents then so be it! We will keep fighting to save Orsett Hospital.”

Labour have started a petition on Orsett hospital which can be signed online here:


  1. WHats the point. Tony Blair and New Labour (Blairights) gave us PPP (Public Private Partnership) the start of privatisation of the NHS. We don’t trust you. We dont trust the Conservatives or have any confidence in the unelected Thurrock independants and UKIP are now a laughing stock.

  2. Some of us remember the last time Labour had a campaign to ‘Save Orsett Hospital’…

    …this resulted in the Labour Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott rubber stamping plans for houses on the site, the bulldozers moved in, most of the hospital was demolished and hundreds of homes built on most of the site.


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