Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Why are new homes in Tilbury being targeted by arsonists and burglars?

Gloriana Homes in Tilbury

WHY are new homes in Tilbury being targeted by arsonists and burglars?

This was the question put by Tilbury St Chads councillor, Steve Liddiard to Thurrock Council leader, cllr Rob Gledhill.

Cllr Liddiard was referring to the new estate on St Chads Road.

A few years ago, Thurrock Council set up a company called Gloriana.

Gloriana was set up to provide a range of housing to meet the needs of residents in Thurrock, including affordable rent, low-cost home ownership and private sales.

Its name has now been changed to Thurrock Regeneration Limited.

But is appears that there is a perception that the houses are not going to Thurrock residents, Thurrock residents on housing waiting lists or Thurrock residents in key jobs such as nursing or teaching.

And now it appears that the houses are being targeted by arsonists and burglars. There are also questions about the general state of the estate.

Cllr Geldhill as keen to point out that Thurrock Regeneration Limited, a company, wholly owned by Thurrock Council was a private company.


  1. TBC bang on about being for the people of Thurrock but are screwing us all over by the back door.
    This is just one example.
    Wake up people for God’s sake.


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