Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Why were Thurrock Council litter pickers cleaning the A12?


A FEW days ago, one of our eagle eyed readers was driving on the A12 near Brentwood when they spotted what appeared to be Thurrock Council workers picking up litter.

They contacted us and we contacted the council.

A spokeserson said: “Thurrock Council is supporting Brentwood Council litter pick the A12 by supervising and training their staff overnight.

The Council’s own A13 litter pick next week is still planned and will go ahead – weather permitting.

Cllr Aaron Watkins, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “The A12 supervision has not affected any regularly scheduled local work and has in fact seen a small financial income to the Council.

“Being able to commercially provide our services to other boroughs, resulting in both an income to the council and no detriment to our own service delivery is yet another way in which Thurrock Council is delivering value for money to our residents.

“It also shows our commitment to Association of South Essex Authorities (ASELA) and the Essex 2050 vision, showing us working cross border for the betterment of South Essex whilst not losing services in Thurrock.”


  1. More Bulls**t from the council….Training Brentwood
    How dare they rent out our Council staff, paid for by the Council Tax payer when Thurrock is a filthy hovel. These people could have been cleaning our borough as they should.
    This is dreadful.
    People lets vote all these incompetent Councillors out and start again.

  2. I agree it’s Bull why did they keep it a secret? If council staff are working nights then when they are resting during the day who’s cleaning our borough emptying our litter, dog and cemetery bins in the borough? And sweeping OUR streets?
    They are spending OUR money.
    I saw the article about Shane Hebbs comments that Thurrock Council spend more than Basildon council in street cleaning? YES CLLR HEBB WE PROBABLY DO! Coz we are cleaning another borough! Which is a very WEALTH BOROUGH! You will NOT BE GETTING MY VOTE FOR SURE! Working partnerships or not we are a skint council you need to be loyal to your residents FIRST! Spend the money on our streets do a survey with the residents 90% will say they think our borough is FILTHY! ASK US!


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