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Thurrock Council warn over gully covers travels


Stolen gully covers are dangerous to public

IN the last three days, thieves have stolen 16 gully covers from Thurrock’s roads creating, dangerous conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and road users.

Portfolio Holder for highways, Cllr Brian Little said: “On or around the 7 February five covers were stolen along with nine more being taken two days later and two more today (Friday 9 February).

“This reckless behaviour is putting the safety of road-users at risk and is completely unacceptable.”

16 known covers have been stolen although more could have been taken which are yet to be discovered.

Areas affected include: Stifford Clays, South Ockendon, Orsett and East Tilbury.

Cllr Little added: “We are requesting Thurrock residents stay vigilant and let us know if you see any others missing.

“This theft will obviously have a financial impact.

“We have made the ones we are aware of safe – and are in contact with Essex Police.”

To report a missing cover– or any other highways defect, please visit:


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