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Thurrock Council set record straight over Aveley flagpole

LAST week, we featured the story regarding the Old Ship Inn,, Aveley flagpole. Buried in the copy was the reponse from Thurrock Council.

We thought we would stress the council’s response that may have got missed. It may highlight that the matter may have been more to do with the pole first.

On 24 January 2018, Thurrock Council discovered a large banner attached to public railings directly outside a premises in Aveley. In addition, a flag pole being secured within two tyres and concrete was also discovered on a public pathway.

The make-shift flag pole was unsecured and had no permissions to be on the public highway. The advertising banner had no permissions either.

A written letter was sent to the premises advising the owner of the offences and requested that the banner and flag pole be removed.

A second visit took place on 7 February 2018 and Council can confirm that the banner had been removed. However, the flag pole remained in place and now flew a Union Jack flag.

A fixed penalty notice was issued along with a letter advising the owner to remove the flag pole immediately and failure to do so may result in prosecution.

A council spokesperson said: “The Council will work with groups to fly flags, as has been demonstrated in other parts of the borough in very recent years. On this occasion, we have had no choice but to ask that the flag pole is removed until the right permissions have been given”.

“There are long-standing regulations regarding flagpoles and flags, which have to be respected. The council have worked with groups before on this very matter, successfully. A flag pole in the street with tyres and cement is not a fit for purpose installation .”



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