Saturday, July 20, 2024

Thurrock Independents announce candidate to fight Ockendon By-Election

Allen Mayes

THE Thurrock Independents (formerly UKIP) have announced that party Chairman Allen Mayes will be the candidate for the upcoming By-Election in Ockendon on Thursday 22nd March.

Allen Mayes was born and raised in Thurrock, he also works in a Thurrock academy.

Allen Mayes sayid: “I have years of experience working in education settings and I am passionate about helping young people succeed. I was born and raised in Thurrock. I believe Thurrock desperately needs councillors who put the needs of Thurrock above the pursuit of power and personal gain.

“I will fight for the best interests of Thurrock residents rather than the ‘Punch and Judy’ of party politics we have seen from the other parties. I will make sure that Thurrock Council is putting people first and politics second. We must all work together to improve Thurrock for all.

“My priorities for Ockendon are tackling anti-social behaviour by pressuring the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner to send more police to South Ockendon.

“Pushing for Thurrock Council to use the powers available to create a better housing policy so that local people get more priority on when it comes to homes within the borough.

“I will fight for a new hospital for Thurrock, we are the only political party that supports a brand new hospital in Thurrock.”


  1. Why ain’t the rest of Thurrock Independants fighting a bi-election.

    Thurrock Independants have massive
    Contempt for Thurrock people.

    So were all voting UKIP or Conservative. .

  2. As long as we don’t vote Labour who spend, spend, spend so much the Tories have to bring in more austerity to balance the books.

  3. What I don’t get about you is the double standard. you say on one hand Labour spending but on the other hand will not criticise the tories for bailing out the banksters which has happened under both labour and the tories.

  4. As one who doesn’t trust any of the major parties, so with no political affiliation I will support local guys for local people.

    Lets give the Independants their chance to take control of Thurrock Council and let them serve us the people as they say they will, the current Tories mob are great talkers, but not walking the walk, with no Orsett Hospital where will we go then, the TI’s are backing saving the hospital, get rid of some of the over priced contracts that seem to be around at the moment, one that does get at me is the litter enforcers, I agree we should not litter, but for every one cigarette end that is dropped and prosecuted, there must be 100 bags of rubbish being collected by the street cleaners, which tells me the money spent on them could be put to better use, so why not get a team of volunteers out in the heavy footfall areas of the borough and educate people instead of at every opportunity TBC like to go the proecution route.

    Thats the Tories for you.

  5. CTB I deal in facts and have no preferable political party. Labour spend, spend, spend and the Tories have to try and put that right.
    As for bailing out the banks. I guess you wouldn’t have wanted to lose your money in your bank….No!!!
    There you go, little choice I think but neverless I agree, distasteful.


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