Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Hathaway Academy give assurances to Thurrock Council over financial situation

HATHAWAY Academy have given Thurrock Council assurances over their financial situation after the company that runs the school posted a £2.7 million deficit.

A council spokesperson said:

“Thurrock Council is concerned to hear the recent national news of AAT Trusts financial situation.

“It should be made clear that besides children being safeguarded and having a place in a school, the Local Authority does not have direct responsibility for funding and re-brokering of academies.

However, the Local Authority remains concerned for the education of all children in Thurrock and will use its influence to support the best possible outcomes for children and we will do what we need to ensure there is strong and continued provision in Grays regardless.

“We have had assurances from the Hathaway Academy about their financial position and from the RSC that their plans are robust and the trust is in good health.

“In the whole scheme of things there are a number of Trusts that are in a worse financial position.”


  1. How can they say the trust is in good health (sic). In my business world if you are £2.7 million short..your BROKE.

  2. And would be nice if the Headmaster gave assurances he had instructed all his pupils to throw their empty chicken boxes in to litter bins, rather than dropped them all along Hathaway Road and Cromwell Road every school day.

  3. Willow my friend, I think the kids wouldn’t take any notice anyway.
    Wheres the councils litter police?….nowhere to be seen as they wouldn’t want to get involved in that scenario.


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