Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Labour slams Tory-run Thurrock Council’s decision to hike up burial costs

THURROCK Labour’s candidate for the Ockendon by-election, Leslie Strange, has launched an outspoken attack upon Thurrock’s Tory run Council’s proposals to increase burial costs by a massive 50%.

Les Strange

The Tories intend to charge Thurrock residents an extra £325 to have their loved ones buried, increasing the cost to a crippling £975.

Speaking about his anger over the proposals Leslie said, “The Tories’ decision to target grieving families with a new ‘tax on death’ is absolutely disgraceful. The massive increase in the cost of burials will mean that families already having to deal with the loss of a loved one will be faced with costs that many Ockendon residents simply will not be able to afford.”

“I have no doubt that Ockendon residents like me will be completely appalled at this display of a basic lack of decency from the Tories.”

“Between hiking council tax, the attempt to introduce a Grass Tax, the rise in charges for residents in sheltered accommodation, and now the increase in burial costs the Tories seem to be determined to punish Ockendon residents from cradle to grave.”


  1. They are preying on ones grief just like funeral companies do. Bereaved families are a real soft target ask any funeral director.

    Answer – VOTE them out, but not Labour in or it will be twice as much.

  2. I agree with you, Don’t vote Labour Blair killed the Labour party. anyone fancy another pointless war for Oil?

  3. The problem with Thurrock Council is charges are left frozen for years and years and then there is a massive hike to bring the charges up to what other local authorities charge. The burial charges are roughly what other councils charge – some are far more expensive. If they increased charges by small amounts every year then you wouldn’t have the farce of a huge hike thus giving opposition parties the chance of using this situation as a political football.


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