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Conservatives “exposed” as the “party of high taxes in Thurrock
” claim Labour

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Conservatives exposed as the party of high taxes in Thurrock

The Thurrock Conservatives were “exposed as the party of high taxes in Thurrock” after voting for a 5% increase in council taxes at Wednesday night’s budget meeting, despite a budget surplus of £2.49m claim Thurrock Labour.

The move was opposed by the Thurrock Labour Party who proposed to slash the increase in council tax by 40%.

Leader of Thurrock Labour Group Oliver Gerrish explained: “We have supported the increase in council tax directly linked to adult social care because after eight years of Tory cuts we need to ensure that we have the necessary funds to support our most vulnerable residents.

“However, we argued for the elimination entirely of any additional increase in council tax beyond this, reducing the Tories proposed increase by 40%. Local residents have had to pay more and more under the Tories and we believe that the council should do as much as possible to minimise any further tax rises.

“It is not acceptable to have such big tax increases when all they are doing is increase the size of the surplus rather than going towards any particular services.”

“When Labour ran Thurrock Council we committed to keeping council tax the lowest in Essex. By contrast, the Tory approach seems to view local residents as a handy cash cow”

“At a time when wages are falling Labour is on the side of ordinary residents who are seeing all of their monthly bills go up and up. The people of Thurrock would be better off under Labour.”

The 5% increase to council tax was passed with the help of the Thurrock Independents (UKIP) who refused to join Labour in voting against the general council tax rise. This means that council tax bills have increased by 10% in just two years of Conservative administration.


  1. The Labour party are funny.
    The people of Thurrock would be better off under Labour. Jeez they are delusional
    History shows right down the line Labour just cock it up time after time and the tories get the blame for trying to balance the books.
    Remember Tony Blair’s campaign song..Things can only get 60 stealth taxs later imposed on the working class and a raid on our pensions, yeep Labour things really did get better …for Tony!
    How many flats has he purchased in Manchester now… 20, 25. Not bad.

  2. If only it were true the tories are not balancing the books. the debt is rising each month.
    With Austerity for the people while the bankers get billions each month.

  3. I think that’s a bit behind the times CTB.

    I agree the debt is rising. I think we need more cuts to benefits and anyone who is not productive. Britain has become a nation of lazy spongers.That’s why the Eastern Europeans get work, Its no secret they want to work, while we just breed Vicky Pollards.

  4. That’s no way to speak about my Girlfriend. 🙂

    I am all for getting people into work. in fact it should be 99% in work. and say 1% switching between jobs at any one moment,

    The government have made many cock ups. like closing Remploy factories for the disabled and just relying in the private sector alone.

    We need a mixed economy private, public and third sector.

  5. I agree the cock ups are unforgivable yet we vote the same old clowns in every time. It is time for a New World Order without doubt.
    No gold plated pensions for those who waste tax payers money – Millennium Dome, Olympic Park, Garden Bridge,the EU to name but a few billion pounds.
    We need fairness and balance I agree. So lets get voting these clowns out.
    Sorry if I offended

  6. The Tories still have a long way to go to beat Thurrock Labour’s eye watering 48% Council Tax hike in just 4 years before they were booted out of office in 2004.

  7. Ordinary folk need to wake up. The Labour Party are not the party of the working classes.
    In fact the Tories have done more for working people than Labour by a mile.

  8. As you know CTB I deal in facts and the Tories have done more for the working classes.
    The New World Order is gaining ground and I for one can’t wait.

  9. CBT…The New World order is spreading….Just Look at Italy.
    This is great news, come on Italy, stand up and listen to your people and your be next to come out of Europe and free of dictatorship.


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