Thurrock Council leader: “Our budget will bring stability for four years “

Thurrock Conservatives pass a budget, and bring stability to Thurrock services for four years

AT last night’s Thurrock Council meeting, the ruling Conservative Group proposed budget was passed, ensuring services are protected for four whole years up to 2022.

Conservative Leader Rob Gledhill said “Unlike other councils, Conservative run Thurrock will not be making any cuts to services, indeed we will be putting more money into adult social care children’s social care and environmental services.

“We are building an extra 1000 new homes- 350 of which will be social housing, new integrated medical centres across the borough, pendant alarms will remain free for those who need them, weekly bin collections will remain as will our street cleaning and environmental enforcement teams.

“This is all achieved with a small tax increase and over £8.5m of investment income next year.”

All councillors agreed the 3% increase in to help boost adult social care with the 1.99% Council Tax being carried by a majority vote.

Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Shane Hebb, said: “The administration presented a budget to which all and everyone will identify with – young and elderly; strong or frail.

“Unlike 95% of councils across the country, this was done by not raising council tax to the amount we legally could, but by managing the borough finances well; ensuring that services are reformed; and an investment strategy which allows us not to have to increase taxes to the maximum.

“A total of a quarter of a billion pounds will be invested in the borough; benefiting people from all parts of Thurrock’s society.

“I want to thank my Cabinet colleagues and the officers at Thurrock Council for putting this budget for all and every Thurrock resident together this year.

“I also extend a special thank you to members those members who put aside petty party politics ensuring that the boroughs financial stability came first”.

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