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Former Labour parliamentary candidate quits party

Mike Le Surf

A FORMER Labour parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock has quit the Labour Party.

Mike Le-Surf fought for the seat in 2015 but lost to Conservative MP, Stephen Metcalfe.

But since then his political profile has slowly dimmed.

At the weekend on social media, he informed friends that he was quitting the party and gave a detailed statement why.

Mr Le-Surf gave three reasons.

First, I cannot continue to support (emotionally, physically or financially) an anti-EU party and, since the EU referendum and the change of Labour Party direction in this area, I have become increasingly saddened by rise of intolerance that has occurred in our communities. In my opinion this is a direct result of pandering to the views of the far right and a real error of judgement.

Second, although I am what some would call a “staunch left-winger”, I am very aware that for a political party to win general elections and improve people’s lives it cannot sit too far to the left (or to the right) of the political landscape of the country it wishes to represent. The Parliamentary Labour Party exists to win elections and improve all people’s lives, not just to follow personal ideologies and make its members feel good about themselves.

Third, on a local level, I have been so disappointed to see all hard work of the past fifteen years by many party members in my home town of Brentwood be dismantled and dismissed by the few. It is always hard for Labour in Essex but our local CLP had built a strong community presence during this early part of the twenty-first century. As a lone Labour councillor for a few of those years we still made a difference. I did not join my local party just to attend meetings or to join the “socialist book club”.

The constant in-fighting and opposition bashing by the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats is a real turn-off for most people who may otherwise like to get involved in politics.

So what might be the alternative?

An Independent Future.

Alternatives are starting to appear for independent minded, pro-EU citizens who wish to represent their communities. If I decide to stand to represent my community again at a local level it will be as an independent voice in my old ward of Brentwood South. If I stood again on the national stage it would be in a pro-european constituency where I could best represent the people that live there.


  1. just to follow personal ideologies and make its members feel good about themselves. But that’s what the right do.

    you are a fool. EU is gone. democratically done. mind you so was Hitler elected democratically.

  2. Wake up Le-Surf !
    Labour is old hat.Tories are failing. Eu is crumbling a last under it’s own corruption.

    A New World Order is on it’s way and that will hopefully rid politics of self styled megalomaniacs and dodgy so called politicians out for themselves like Blair & Prescott.

  3. New world order my arse. you will go into that voting booth and still vote tory. thurrockgonedownhill

  4. You are funny CTB.
    Tories are the only party at the mo that have some balls. But as things change, and they are I am a with them.
    You my friend are backing the Greens, and thats just a none starter, you may as well join me in voting Tory till the New World Order gains a strong foothold, at least you have a chance of sharing the wealth then.

  5. I would rather stick my willy in a scorpions nest and shout din din fido than vote tory.

    The tories only care about the billionaires.

  6. Lol. What only a scorpions nest, tame…lol

    They are not just about billionaires CTB. They made me far better off than Labour would have and probably you too.
    Maybe you should think of all the good they done like smashing the unions and selling houses to the working classes..just pure Maggie, oh she is so missed.

  7. You had to be born a baby boomer to of really benefited from the housing sell off on the cheap and gain from the housing price rises.

    Unions we agree mining was needing change but to just dump the miners without helping them gain employment in new industries was a crime.

    you lived the life future generations will admire.
    a trippy hippy vippie who sold out his socialist values for yuppie neoliberalism. bought your house on the cheap had a job at the same company for 40 plus years and had a free education with health and a state pension at 65.
    Future generation have not a lot.

    Tony Benn So missed.

  8. face facts Thatcherism is the road to sefdom. Ironic. Private serfdom that is,.

    A few billionaires own the planet we just fight between ourselves over ever fewer crums.

  9. You sound so bitter and twisted CTB. You could have made lots of money to under Maggie. We all had the same chances.
    No pension or 40 yrs in the same job for me.
    I retired at 40 thanks to Maggie.
    I do agree that the miners were treated dreadfully however and the peasants are left with the crums.
    Still the lazy British need to realise they have to work to get on in this world.

  10. Worked for Warren Buffett when he got a US tax payer bailout with AIG etc.
    Worked for Branson when he got a tax bailout for his railway.
    worked for the Banksters when they got a tax payer bailout………….
    definition of capitalism (defrauding the tax payer).

    Answer what’s the fucking point. Life is just a big scam.
    if your poor or unconnected you go to jail.
    if your rich and connected its a fine.

    bitter yes. its all a fucking scam.

  11. I agree CTB
    We are all being conned by the establishment. Thats why you have to look forward to a New World Order and ditch them wet Greens you vote for.
    Love Warren Buffet, what a guy. He makes me lots of money.
    Branson – People think hes a man of the people while he cons them, the mugs.

  12. If it was not for the US bailout of Buffett you wouldn’t be calling him a a guy.
    you would be attacking him as Americas biggest dole claimant.

  13. He is a genius and makes me money.
    Just like our beloved Maggie

    I think you got left behind and have become bitter. Have a go at investing, you could become wealthy and not have to rely on a failing NHS.

  14. I hate neoliberalism I hate Maggie and hate Buffett.

    Life is just a scam.

    Investing has its dangers ask anyone who bought Enron for the long haul.

    I am happy as I am risking $500 per week in return for £1500.
    Limited Risk limited exposure.
    Yuppies need not apply.

    As for the NHS it is underfunded due to Tory and New Labour dreams of privatising it and you know. its ideology.


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