Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thurrock schools lose over £100 per pupil as cuts hit hard says Labour’s John Kent

Thurrock schools lose over £100 per pupil

THE Labour Party’s candidate for the Thurrock constituency has hit out at what he describes as “the ever-increasing cuts affecting our schools and our children”.

John Kent spoke out on Friday following the release of figures by unions, showing Thurrock schools were losing £100 per pupil over two years, and next year would by £200 worse off, per pupil, than the average English school.

He said: “All parents know their children’s schools are struggling: struggling to make ends meet; struggling to keep staff; and struggling to keep class sizes at a reasonable level.

“But Thurrock’s parents and Thurrock’s children are suffering more than most.”

The analysis of government figures by National Education Union, the National Union of Headteachers, the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), and three others shows that two thirds of all secondary schools in the country have been forced to accept larger class sizes.

Mr Kent said: “Opponents will say spending on schools has gone up, so where are these cuts?

“But the important figure is the amount each school receives per pupil; and that, without doubt, shows cuts.

“While two thirds of the nations schools are suffering these cuts, every single Thurrock school – even the academy schools – has suffered.

“In Thurrock the average per pupil income in 2016/17 was £4,459.07, in 2017/18 (the current academic year) it is £4,440.54, a reduction – or cut – of £18.53. In the year from September, it will be £4,342.88.

“You do the maths, as they say. That’s a £113 reduction per Thurrock pupil over two years. Multiply that by the number of students in your child’s school and you’ll have an idea of the problems facing governing bodies.

“By the way, the England average for 2018/19 will be £4,542.66, 22p short of £200 more than in Thurrock.”

Mr Kent said: “These figures highlight the ever-increasing cuts affecting our schools and our children. Those people running our schools have little choice but to cut staff and increase class sizes.

“The Tories will tell you they’re spending more on schools just as they say they’re spending more on the NHS.

“Challenge them. We can all see that they’re not spending enough, they’re not keeping up with inflation and they’re failing to meet the needs of our young people.”

To find details of your school’s shortfall, go to!/schools


  1. Lets not forget here that schools have opted out of local authority control and gone the academy route. It is down to them to manage their finances properly.
    Labour should be ashamed of themselves for using bad governance by the schools as a political football.
    As for failing the needs of our young people. Mr Kent, there are lots of people who believe you failed the people of Thurrock many times.

  2. The Million Dollar question is if we have a Labour Government will they increase the money or not? If not and you have no solution then shut up.


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