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UKIP threaten to expel Tim Aker over Thurrock Independent role

UKIP MEP and Aveley councillor, Tim Aker has been threatened with expulsion from UKIP unless he leaves the newly launched Thurrock Independents.

To refresh:

Sixteen Ukip councillors left Ukip and formed a group called the Thurrock Independents.

Tim Aker remained a UKIP but identified himself as a Thurrock Independent councillor. He is also the only one who seems to be referring to the Thurrock Independents as a party as opposed to a group.

Cllr Aker is up for re-election in May in Aveley and Uplands. As it stood, there was the possibility of a bizarre situation where UKIP could put a candidate against Tim Aker on May 3rd.

But perhaps UKIP had thought of that and put out a statement.

A UKIP spokesperson said: “A letter has been sent to Tim asking him to close down the newly formed party as he is in breach of the party rules. If this does not happen, the issue will be raised at the next NEC meeting and he along with any other party member who are in the same situation will be expelled from the part.

Mr Aker has and continues to argue that his role as a Thurrock Independent councillor does not conflict with his role as a UKIP MEP.

He said: “Thurrock Independents is a local political party prioritising the needs of Thurrock residents on Thurrock Council, while not engaging in national party politics.

“There is no conflict with my role as a UKIP MEP within the European Parliament. There are rules (4.4.1) within the UKIP Constitution to allow this to happen.

“I hope UKIP make the sensible decision, it seems silly to needlessly weaken its position in the European Parliament. I will always put the needs of the local residents that elected me before the demands of national political parties.”


  1. Sadly Tim is a hot topic at the moment in Thurrock. Most people believe he is only in it now for his own financial benefit. Shame really he should have stood down and fought his corner.
    Now he has lost so much support.
    Sorry Tim, you made a huge mistake and lost trust.

  2. About time you did vote conservative CTB. I’ve known all along you are a secret Tory.

    Bet you wish you were Maggies love child really.

  3. That scorpions nest is getting fucking louder.

    I remember Major what a PM. even that megalomaniac Blair beat him.

  4. UKIP Constitution:

    Revocation of membership

    4.3 If, after becoming a member of the Party, a person

    a) joins another political party (whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not) or any organisation membership of which the NEC has declared to be incompatible with membership of the Party; or
    b) without the authority of the NEC, sets up or has set up or has aided and abetted the setting up of another political party, whether registered with the Electoral Commission or not; or
    c) is later found already to be a member or former member of another political party or organisation membership of which the NEC has declared to be incompatible with membership of the Party; or
    d) stands against a UKIP candidate in any election; or
    e) is found to be a person who has been expelled from the Party

    the Party Chairman shall revoke their membership forthwith. Any person whose membership is revoked under this Article may appeal against that decision within 28 days of notification thereof being sent to him. Such an appeal shall then be heard within a reasonable time by a panel composed either of the Party Secretary and two elected members of the NEC or, at the discretion of the Party Secretary, by the Party Secretary and two persons independent of the Party.

  5. Hey, CTB are you a die hard hippy man, if so love and peace man.
    Bet you don’t find much of that in Thurrock…far out.

    All for renewable s, all for environment, but come on man, love to our sister Maggie.

  6. Maggie is such a controversial figure. she and Major should never of privatised things on the cheap. Getting a crap deal for taxpayers she did the same with Housing.
    But if you gained from it I guess you would worship the daft old cow.

  7. Look after no 1 pal cause nobody else is going to do it for you.
    Maggie made Britain great again, smashed the unions and got the Country on its feet after Labour wrecked it. Just because you didn’t make the most of opportunities, don’t blame others for becoming wealthy. We all had the same chances.


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