So how much money is your Thurrock school losing?

Education Cuts

A WEBSITE backed by a number of unions is claiming that many Thurrock schools will be very hard hit by cuts to their budgets.

It claims that 91% of schools face real-terms budget cuts compared with 2015/16.

We have already published a statement from Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, cllr John Kent, in which he expresses his concerns regarding the cuts.

We also asked a senior headteacher, who told us that the figures were accurate.

To save you some time, we have been into the website and found out how hard (according to the unions) each school and each pupil could be hit.

The figures below indicate how much they will lose per pupil.


Arthur Bugler £746

Chadwell Primary £464

Abbots Hall £386
Deneholm £325
Graham James £319
Bonnygate £318
Purfleet £309
Dilkes £307

Horndon £294
Giffards £294
Thameside Primary £293
Shaw £272
Stifford Clays Prim £257
Holy Cross £256
Harris Primary £255
Herringham £244
Woodside £243
Belmont Castle Academy: £221
Little Thurrock £209
Tudor £208

Aveley £182
Corringham Primary £169
Warren Primary: £161
Quarry Hill Academy: £131
St Mary’s: £127
West Thurrock: £124

Gateway Primary Free School: £71
St Thomas £66


Palmer’s College £364

Gateway Academy: £270

Hathaway Academy: £194
Ockendon £181
Hassenbrook £164
Grays Convent: £157
Gable Hall £113

St Clere £60

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