Gateway Academy students amazed by gigantic puppets

Gateway Puppets

GATEWAY Academy students were recently given the fantastic opportunity be part of a project to design and build their very own large-scale carnival style puppets. The long-term plan of the project is to re-start the Tilbury Carnival, with the help of Kinetica and the Tilbury on Thames Trust (TTT).

They took part in workshops and studied the mechanical movements of a 20 foot tall puppet, known as Midnight Robber, which was designed and operated by puppeteers from Smoking Apples. They saw how it was operated and used this information to design and make their own. They each worked on a different part of the puppet saw it come to life by being given the reins to work it themselves. The process was a fascinating insight into how carnival puppets are made and how they work.

Head of School, Mrs Grainne McLaughlin, said “I would like to thank Kinetica, the Tilbury on Thames Trust and the puppeteers from Smoking Apples for helping our students design and work on such a creative product. To see the students working their own puppets was quite something.”

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