Friday, October 7, 2022

Several traveller camps arrive in Thurrock

ESSEX Police has made residents aware that there are a number of unlawful encampments in Thurrock.

Insp. Rob Brettell said: “We are aware of a large number of unauthorised encampments which have set up in the Orsett, Thurrock and Stanford areas today

“Essex Police Traveller Unit is visiting each site and giving land owners appropriate advice.

“We will use our powers where suitable and lawful.”


  1. Folks Google…….. Cromer (Norfolk) travelers.
    What they did there was a disgrace and the police let them get away with it. And they wonder why no one wants them around.

  2. these are mobile crime waves,they hit an area and go knocking door to door seeking vulnerable people to cheat and steal from.


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