Tuesday, September 27, 2022

By-Election: Thurrock Independent concerned over health care in borough


THE Thurrock Independent candidate for Ockendon has expressed his concern overe the state of health care in Thurrock.

Allen Mayes said:”I was born in Orsett Hospital, although the maternity part of the hospital is long gone with both Labour and the Tories having a hand in its past closures. I believe healthcare in Thurrock needs improving and not just maintaining. We do not want to lose any services, however bringing services closer to where we live would be a help to residents.

“NHS England have run a shambles of a consultation on Thurrock healthcare provision and I believe such a fundamental shift in healthcare needs more thought. More and more homes are built in Thurrock every day so to now take services away seems to be a backward step. Everything points to this decision being made based on saving money rather than improving the service for Thurrock residents. In my opinion, Thurrock needs a full new hospital with A&E, the surrounding hospitals just cannot cope, especially during winter as we see crisis after crisis which has become the new norm. This is not acceptable.

“Thurrock Labour suggest that they will ‘Save Orsett Hospital’ you may have heard it on the door or seen it on a leaflet. It is a matter of fact that Orsett Hospital cannot be ‘saved’ by the Thurrock Labour Party as this is a local council election and not a general election. The local council can express their viewpoint, however it is ultimately NHS England that will decide Orsett Hospitals fate.

I will be campaigning to ensure no services are lost and will become more accessible, not less. I believe in this situation, councillors and NHS England needs to put people before politics and push for better healthcare provisions for Thurrock and not political point scoring. People deserve better.”

The candidates for the Ockendon By-Election are:

Allen Mayes (Thurrock Independents)
Andrew Jeffries (The Conservative Party)
Les Strange (The Labour Party).



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