Suffragettes exhibition at Thameside Complex



THURROCK Museum Volunteers are presenting a free exhibition exploring the Right to Vote this April at the Thameside Complex in Grays.

‘Vote!’ tells the story of Suffragists, Suffragettes and their fight for the right to vote, which was granted to some women 100 years

The exhibition will feature some of the most prolific campaigners including Millicent Fawcett who led the peaceful campaigns of the
Suffragists and Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters who were at the forefront of the Suffragette movement.

Many women endured imprisonment and harsh treatment for their beliefs, and images in the exhibition depict both the peaceful and unlawful
protests. Local connections are also explored, including the Secretary of the Stanford branch Emily James who corresponded with a jailed Suffragette.

Learn all about how women fought for equal rights at this free exhibition from Monday 9 April to Friday 27 April on the ground floor
of the Thameside Complex.

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