Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bin Strike: Labour slam “Tory mismanagement” as Thurrock faces “spring of discontent”


Labour slam Tory mismanagement as Thurrock faces “spring of discontent”

THURROCK Labour Group leader Councillor Oliver Gerrish has spoken out as it was announced that Thurrock faces a strike of the waste collection service.

Speaking after the strike action was announced, Cllr Gerrish said, “I cannot believe that the mismanagement of this Tory council has now reached levels where we are looking at a failure to deliver basic services for residents.

“There are urgent questions that must be answered on why this has been allowed to escalate to this point. I am calling on Cllr Watkins, Tory portfolio holder for waste services, to explain his part in this mess. Perhaps he can explain to Thurrock residents why he has left them facing a ‘spring of discontent’, with rubbish uncollected in the streets and the piles of fly-tipping growing ever higher.”

Aaron Watkins

He continued, “Residents across Thurrock are already suffering from a service that fails to collect the bins far too often. Now it looks like this is going to get even worse. My message to this Tory council is very clear: don’t let this escalate any further. Sort yourselves out and get the waste collection service back on track.”

YT has contacted Thurrock Coucnil and is awaiting a response.


  1. Labour you hypocrites.
    Discontent…You have very short memories. You ruined the Country last time and Maggie had to sort it out.
    Lets get rid of Labour bull***t once and for all. Vote them all out folks.

  2. Typical go digging and you for sure to find something, thurrockgonedownhill why use a monicker and the go back and beyond, be honest Thurrock houses a small minority of people who are genuine Conservatives, those buying council houses anbd changing their colours has been thrown back at them with the high number of repossessions over the years and remember it was Maggie who set them up for the fall.

    So mate it sounds like Tory diatribe has got you smitten.

    TBC and the current incumbents of the chambers have designed the dust collections to blanket an error each day, bins left behind as the collectors run out of time due to fragile infrastructure of the designed collections fails us all, often the bins left behind are left for another week!

    So for me and I am not politically motivated is the time to get some new faces who care for the residents, not trying to destroy the community and furnish public companies with contracts, that many could be dealt with in house and save massive on costs in shareholder dividends.

    Especially at times when TBC complain of a lack of funding.


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