Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Bin Strike: Residents will lose out says leader of Thurrock Independents


THE leader of the sixteen strong Thurrock Independents has reacted to the news that the borough is set to face a series of strikes by bin staff in April and beyond.

Thurrock Independents Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: “It is hugely disappointing to see that the bin workers are set for a series of strikes in April and May. Three of these strikes will be in the run up to the May elections and a cynical soul could think that the Unite union have timed them to affect the outcome of the vote in favour of the Labour Party.

“After all, the non-collection of bins is an issue that aggravates everybody affected by it and in this case, all of Thurrock will be affected and the blame will be placed on the Tory administration.

“Speaking of which, how have they let this matter get this far? Surely it would have been better to come to an amicable compromise with the Union? Or was there a clash between two opposing political ideologies with neither side willing to budge?

“When Thurrock Independents talk about putting people before politics, this situation highlights exactly what we mean. Who loses most from these strikes? Politically it could be the Tory administration but, in reality, who cares about that? No, its our residents that lose out the most. It’s families in Thurrock that will have overflowing bins, it’s blocks of flats whose communal bin areas will be awash with waste and vermin.

“Whilst those involved in the strike action play at politics, the people of Thurrock lose out. This is what Thurrock Independents want to stop.”


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