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DO you work in a sales related occupation? Do you want to increase your sales and business? Would you and your sales staff like to learn and utilise effective sales methods that you can put to work instantly? In order to obtain information regarding FREE ‘Effective Sales Management Training’ workshops and seminars available to you and your organisation, please read on…

All Seminar and Workshops are conducted by the Motivational Speaker Jag Singh.

Jag Singh

In 1989 at the age of 19, Jag left college with a BTEC Diploma in Business and Finance, the only jobs that were available to him were clerical office vacancies. Jag wanted to do more, earn more and learn more. So, whilst job seeking Jag came across a sales vacancy in the Evening Standard newspaper. The position was for a ‘Financial Consultant’ – no basic salary, commission only – selling Mortgages, Household Insurance, Life Insurance and Savings plans. Jag had dreams of becoming rich and he knew that working a mundane job as a clerk was never going to give him that. So, with big dreams and no sales experience Jag became a Sales Consultant. He failed utterly. Three months passed and he hadn’t even made a single sale. He felt low, depressed and wanted to give up being a salesman and nearly did…

Jag hated looking at the ‘Salesman of the Month’ board in his office, because his name was always at the bottom with a big ‘Zero’ next to it, which meant no sales. Just when Jag was about to throw the towel in and give up, he came across the ‘Top Salesman’ of the company, Ben Adibanjo. Jag asked Ben one question, “What do I have to do in order to become a good salesman?” Ben took Jag under his wings and offered him training and support, he told Jag that he admired his ‘sickly positive’ attitude. Within three months Jag became the number one ‘Salesman of the Month’ on the board. He even far exceeded Ben, not only once, but again and again until his name was permanently at the top.

Within six months Jag was awarded ‘The Top National Salesman Award’ which meant he had sold more financial products in one month than any other consultant in the country! From having no clients at all, Jag zoomed to having over 500 customers within this period. After completing this amazing feat at the young age of 20 Jag was head-hunted by other sales companies. He then decided to share his knowledge and became a Business Sales Consultant and worked with many companies by improving their sales. He did this by sharing his advice and methods for cold-calling customers door-to-door, face-to-face selling or with telesales.

Since then, almost 30 years on Jag has worked successfully within the following industries; Retail, Recruitment, HealthCare, Distribution, Sales Training, Motivation/Self-Help and many more.

How did Jag manage to excel his sales skills so immensely in such a short period? How did he transform from a ‘down-and-out’ salesman to become the best salesman in his company?

In order to find the answers to the questions above you can book a seminar/workshop with Jag right now! During these I-Zone Academy seminars and workshops Jag will share his story, methods and skills with you and your staff in order to inspire you all to achieve success within your Sales Organisation.

Great News!

The I-Zone Academy ‘Effective Sales Training’ seminars and workshops are currently available for FREE to you and your organisation! These sessions are only available for free for a limited period and will be based on availability due to high rate of bookings.

For more information and bookings please contact ‘The I-Zone Academy’ ~

Twitter: @jagsingh_ican
Telephone: 07519 173059


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