Mr Perrin’s Blog: “Not impressed by the sanctimonious claptrap of the Thurrock Independents”

Mr. Perrin’s blog: A Word in Your Ear.

My response to Cllr Luke Spillman’s blog titled “We Can Work It Out” posted in Your Thurrock on 31 March 2018.

THIS is just a sanctimonious diatribe from a councillor who at the time of writing his blog cannot even make up his mind as to which political party he supports i.e. UKIP or Thurrock Independents. He, along with three other ex UKIP Councillors sit in the Council Chamber as unelected Thurrock Independents, whilst at the same time they work for and support Tim Aker a UKIP MEP, who also sits in the Council Chamber as an unelected Thurrock Independent.

If they cannot make up their own minds as to what they should be called, I suggest an apt title would be “Mr. Akers’ duplicitous four”. I am told that Mr. Spillman claims he works for and is paid by the European Parliament, if that be so, he is not only guilty of an untruth but also is fantasising about his role

I believe the sole purpose of the formation of the Thurrock Independents Party was to confuse and hoodwink the electorate in the Local Elections in May 2018. Confuse by hoping that Thurrock UKIP members and supporters will think they are still UKIP members and vote for them as such.

I hope that Thurrock UKIP will make it clearly understood that the Thurrock Independents are in no way connected to Thurrock UKIP and that Thurrock UKIP will fight the Local Election in May by fielding genuine UKIP members for election as Councillors. Hoodwink by more sanctimonious clap-trap such as that by Cllr Spillman.

I close with two words for Mr Aker and his duplicitous four; BAH HUMBUGS!

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