Blogpost: Mr Perrin has a word in the ear of Cllr Spillman

An open letter from Mr. Perrin to Councillor Luke Spillman.

Dear Cllr Spillman,

In response to your article on Child Poverty which included personal comments about me.

You refer to me as “a left leaning blogger”, from the very start you indulge in political mudslinging, contradicting the much proclaimed ethos of the Thurrock Independents Party, of which you are a Member, for a “nicer kind of politics”.

I am a “Socialist”, if that means in your book I am a “left wing radical”, then so be it. I would rather be a “true Labour leftie” than a “blue Labour Blairite” or even worse a “far right Conservative”.

You are right when you say I was “not critical of your argument” i.e. a call for a National consensus and intervention on poverty, unemployment, under employment and the low wage economy, it is your motives and sincerity that I question. Every blog you post, every article you write , every comment you make is plastered with the Thurrock Independent Party logo , leading me to conclude that you are far more occupied with the pursuit of power and the fortunes of the Thurrock Independents Party candidates in the May Local Council election than you are with eradicating child poverty. That is why I consider I am fully justified in branding your article as sanctimonious claptrap

You talk about tribalism and partisanship being “the root cause of many of the failures of post war British social policy”. I have watched you and your fellow Independents, along with the Conservatives, in the Council Chamber banging your hands on the desktops and chanting “hear hear” in an unseemly display of tribalism and partisanship. You and your colleagues should practice what you preach.

You accuse me of being a “bitter man”. I suggest that it is you who is the bitter man, it appears that you have never got over the poverty you say you experienced as a child at the height of the “brutal” 1980s recession and your 2 years of “extremely poor health” in the early 2000s. You use the experiences as a means to elicit sympathy, thereby creating the impression that anyone who criticises you is heartless and uncaring. There are many people alive today who suffered poverty and hardship during the 1930s, the horrors of WW2 and the “blitz” bombings and the fact there was no NHS if you were sick, they picked themselves up, dusted themselves down and got on with their lives. Cllr Spillman you do not have a monopoly on suffering and hardship.

There are some Councillors who, once elected, elevate themselves to the status of VIPs and become infected with the “don’t you know who I am” syndrome. Aveley UKIP/Independents Councillors, and you are one of them, seem particularly prone to this syndrome which manifests itself by pomposity and egoism.

You tweeted that I was not so rude when I was seeking your help, inferring that I was ungrateful of your help with a personal matter e.g. antisocial behaviour, when the truth was it concerned the failure of a senior Council Officer to respond to a communication within a specified period of time. It could be argued that your disclosure was, at the very least, a breach of confidentiality, or at worst your help is only available to those you believe will vote for you or your Party. Again,this does not accord with your oft quoted mantra “PEOPLE FIRST, PARTY SECOND”. I would point out that, despite your “help” it still took weeks before the matter was resolved and that was only because I persistently “chased” you for a resolution. I trust you did not include my case in your over 15,000 completed advice appointments.

The suggestion by one of your “Facebook friends” that I was “put up” to making my comments is just ridiculous and insulting. I am quite capable of speaking for myself.

You conclude by saying that my comments were made because I, and others, are “unhappy” that you are not a Labour Party member. Whilst I am not a member of the Labour Party, I think I can safely say that the Thurrock Labour Party is very happy and greatly relieved that you are NOT a member of the Labour Party.

Come May 2018 the people will have their say.

Mr Perrin.

Editor’s Note: As far as YT is concerned, this concludes this matter. A lot of other matters to be concerned about between now and May 3rd.

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