Sunday, September 25, 2022

Thurrock Council: “Good news for residents” as bin strike called off

AFTER coming to agreement with Thurrock Council, strike action proposed by Unite during the month of April has been called off. This is great news for our residents, as it means that their waste service will now not be disrupted.

The council met with Unite again yesterday, as part of the ongoing discussions. We addressed misunderstandings and clarified our intended usage of the cameras with Unite and the Council’s position on their use has not changed since the start.

We are pleased that Unite’s understanding of the position is now clear and that we can continue to provide these important services to our residents.

All our officers are valued by the council and we are pleased to have a reached this agreement.


  1. Called off? Is that because the weak management have given in to the staff onc3 again and made the staff and unite powerful again!

    This is why our refuse collection service is sporadic one minute 5hey will work the next minute they slow down and the residents suffer.

    Perhaps the waste management should benchma4k other councils to see how much work they produce in comparison to thurrock’s lazy lot!

  2. Bins are left on the path hap hazzard, disabled can’t get through sometimes so lazy our bin men.
    Sack the lot and start again.

  3. Start complaining about you the bad service you get from the the bin men on collection day.Some of the crews are concientious about their work.So just complain about the crews that do not give a toss and what coloured bins they were collecting and any safety issues they cause.
    Complain to “”

  4. The problem is that the council don’t give a toss about the complaints. Incopetence is even worse at the complaints dept.


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