Monday, September 26, 2022

Grays councillor expresses concerns over crime on high street

A COUNCILLOR with Grays High Street in his ward has expressed his concerns regarding crime in the area.

YT met up with cllr Martin Kerin on Firday lunchtime to discuss what has happened and what can be done.

As cllr Kerin (Lab) is up for re-election, we will be contacting candidates in the ward to gauge their opinion.

Our ward by ward for Grays Riverside is also next to this story.

Martin Kerin


  1. Drugs commonly available in Grays,in fact more common than Police.
    Migrants often dealing for all to see.

  2. If you carry a knife. you do Life.
    If you carry a gun. we will chop your head off son.

    If you use a gun or knife public hanging in Grays High Street.
    This is a pay per view event. 🙂 sad its got this far with the Grays.

  3. CTB you have it right at last.
    The only way to change things now id hard line policies.
    Most people would like a return to capital punishment for serious crime.

  4. Problem with killing them is what happens when you have the wrong person.
    It is much better having to spend life in prison sowing mail bags. paying for there own food and water. and bed at night.

    The tories should never of closed down police stations and got rid of 20000 police officers in England and Wales since 2010 But hey it paid for a tax cut for the rich.

  5. Sorry CTB you are living in the past my friend.
    DNA can prove guilt without doubt so lets get rid of the scum. I don’t want to pay 1k a week to keep them in jail.
    You really do need to move into the real world and forget the chip on your shoulder about your missed opportunity of wealth…again!

  6. I agree with you.
    If we had 20000 more officers and changed the law look how quick we could dispose of the scum.

  7. Well your lot are in power and have been since 2010. So why the wait.

    I have no faith who ever is in power. They are all too busy with expenses.

  8. I agree, remember a New World Order is coming and then we will see some serious change.


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