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Woman failed to disclose Grays property in fraud case

FADIMANA Altinsoy of Basildon Essex was successfully prosecuted by Epping Forest District Council in March 2018 of three offences under the Fraud act 2006 and Money Laundering under the Proceeds of Crime act 2002.

Change of plea

Initially pleading not guilty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court in February 2017, the Magistrates declined jurisdiction and transferred the matter to Chelmsford Crown Court.

Ms Altinsoy maintained her not guilty pleas at a number of hearings in that court but on the first day of a trial listed for six days in January 2018 she changed her pleas to guilty.

Fraudulent applications

The basis of the prosecution was when applying for Council housing in 2003 Fadimana Altinsoy had failed to declare her ownership of two properties jointly owned by herself and other relatives in Forest Gate London E7 and Grays in Essex RM17.

She was granted tenancy of a property in Copperfield Chigwell 22 January 2007, the following day she completed a further Housing Application form seeking a move from a flat to a house and again failed to state that she jointly owned the properties.

Had the Council been aware of her ownerships, she would not have been given the tenancy of the property at Copperfield Chigwell.

Home ownership grant

June 2010 Ms Altinsoy applied for a home ownership grant to assist her in purchasing a private property and again failed to reveal that she had an interest in two other properties.

Epping Forest District Council awarded Ms Altinsoy one of six available grants of £28,000 which she used to purchase a property in Basildon, SS13 in June 2011.

However having not been entitled to the tenancy of the property in Chigwell, she was therefore not entitled to have received the home ownership grant.

Over £40,000 worth of fines

After the hearing in January Ms Altinsoy agreed to pay the sum of home ownership grant £28,000back to the Council together with the prosecution costs of £12,500 before 5 March 2018 and a sentence hearing was fixed for 9th March 2018.

On that date she was given a 2 year suspended sentence, together with 200 hours unpaidwork with a probation supervision order for 12 months.


  1. I say 46 years in Jail. In her own country.

    Suspended sentance is that all.LOL.

    I might have to do the same thing if I just can get a suspended sentance for rippping off the hard working taxpayers I could make a million. This has really detered me LOL

    The Judge is a congenital Idiot and so is the law of this land.

    Whats the frigging point of Law and what a waste of a space judge. Bet I get done for posting this and its not suspended. typical.

  2. The wonderful home ownership grants were a council tenant can be given up to £80,000 to buy a house anywhere in the world.

  3. thurrocksgonedownhill. If you shared a car to visit me with Vikki I;m affraid she might dum you down a little. you will start getting G-‘s in exams and not know why.

    But I would love to be a fly on the wall in that car. lol she says all the right things you know.

  4. Might not be enough room in the minibus for all the delinquent offspring you have bred and I keep.


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