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WHEN most people think of their local chemist, they think prescriptions. And they’d be right. Well pharmacy, the UK’s largest independent chain, help over 600,000 people with their prescriptions every week. But this is just one element of the NHS-approved health services the pharmacy provides to the local community.

Well Pharmacy Stifford Clays (16 Crammavil Street) has a new team in place and is encouraging local residents to visit them for a health check. Take a look at the top ways the team can improve your health and wellbeing this spring – some might just surprise you!

With the Stroke Association’s ‘National Know Your Blood Pressure Day’ taking place on 14 April, knowing your numbers has never been more important. Did you know that for every 10 people diagnosed with high blood pressure, a further 7 remain undiagnosed?

In the Thurrock area alone, it is estimated that 23.5%1 of the population have high blood pressure, with an estimated 15,650 undiagnosed cases. High blood pressure increases your risk of life-threatening conditions like heart failure and stroke, so pop into Well Stifford Clays to check your blood pressure for free and without an appointment. It’s quick, painless and could save your life. Our highly trained pharmacists can provide you with advice and support to reduce your blood pressure if a diagnosis is made.

Are you experiencing some problems taking your medicines? Do you feel your prescription is not working like you thought it would or just want to check that you’re getting the most out of it? All Well pharmacies offer a free medicine check-up service to help you solve any issues you might be having. Our expert pharmacists can give you tips on how best to take your medicine if you find it difficult to take, and can help to minimise any side effects you’re having.

Not sure what your new medicine is or what it might do to you? Our pharmacists offer a free service to help you understand your new prescription medication, explaining how it works, the effect it is likely to have on your body, and how best to take it to get the most out of it.

Having problems with your sex life but too embarrassed to go to your family doctor? Well from April, you can visit Well Pharmacy Stifford Clays and speak confidentially to the pharmacist in a private consultation room about some of the medications available to help you, such as sildenafil, sold as the brand name Viagra Connect. This is now available without a prescription.

Forgot to take your contraceptive pill and worried about what that could mean? Don’t worry, our pharmacists can offer you a free consultation about family planning and sexual health concerns without an appointment, and can provide you with emergency contraception options if that option is right for you.

Gurpreet Tooray, the Pharmacy Manager at Well Pharmacy Stifford Clays said: “With a new and highly trained team, we are here to help you, whatever your healthcare or medication needs may be. We are keen to get to know as many members of the community as possible so pop in for a chat as a first port of call – you don’t need an appointment and it could save you time”.

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