Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: Orsett

Orsett Sign

ONE recalls a conversation with a Labour candidate for Orsett a few years ago. They told YT that everyone was very nice and he ate lots of cake but they all ended the conversations politely declining to vote for him.

Orsett has had, for a long time, stalwart councillors who feel very passionately about the areas of Bulphan, Orsett and Horndon-on-the-Hill.

For many years, there was Mike and Diane Revell. For the last few years, there has been Brian and Sue Little. Brian has stood down. Not sure he enjoyed the experience. It is a shame that yet another businessman has just lasted one term as a Thurrock Conservative councillor. In the past there has been Andrew Roast, Charlie Key, Simon Wootton, to name just three, who by all accounts, enjoyed serving the community but couldn’t be doing with all the other nonsense that seems to come with being a Thurrock Tory.

However, it looks former Ockendon councillor, Barry Johnson fancies another go. Barry Johnson was always a key member of the Conservative administrations. He did sterling work as both a ward councillor and as a portfolio holder, especially with finance. If he wins, he will probably return in as a portfolio holder. To be honest what we missed most is Barry shaking his head in disbelief at Labour statements.

Cllr Sue Little remains and she will be able to take Barry on a tour of the large ward that has a lot of challenges with issues such as the new Thames Crossing and the little matter of 32,000 homes on the horizon. Oh and they are closing Orsett Hospital. But Sue Little harnesses the concerns of the residents very well and that good will goes far.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold


Barry Johnson (Conservative Party)
James Mower (Thurrock Independents)
Vince Offord (Labour Party)
Adrian Short (Ukip)


  1. Please, anybody but Labour. Actually, I know Orsett has a better caliba of people than to vote for Labour.

  2. This reads as Opinion to me rather than News. Hope the Tory candidates have a good time answering questions about the closure of Orsett Hospital when the Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price supports the closure. And, of course, she supports the crossing also. Who remembers the meeting about the crossing when everyone turned their backs to her because she wasn’t supporting her constituents at the meeting?

  3. Thurrrock Resident, we need the Margaret Thatcher Thames Crossing badly. One sees all the problems a Dartford Crossing closure causes.
    We are all NIMBY’s but it is the best route by far.

  4. More like the councillor got his planning permission to build five houses on the green belt and felt job done. Once again Orsett voting Tory gives a green light to an eight lane motorway through the green belt (after the Tories promised in 2015 leaflets to protect the green belt…hmmm) and the loss of Orsett Hospital and replacement with lesser facilities further away from the villages. Not to mention our council tax has shot up to pay for extra police cut by the Tories that our tax paid for previously. I can only conclude that by voting Tory time and time again Orsett and some parts of Thurrock are perfectly fine with these things.

  5. This is little more than a powder puff for the Tory candidate, it only mentions the other three candidates who are standing in a foot note. By the way business men and women often make poor politicians, need I mention Trump.


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