Thurrock Labour set out vision in manifesto for local elections

THURROCK Labour have set out their local vision of a Fairer, Safer and Cleaner Thurrock ahead of the local elections in Thurrock. They have published their manifesto, titled “Thurrock for the many”.

The manifesto summarises key Thurrock Labour policies on a range of issues from health to cleaning and greening.

Leader of the Labour Group Oliver Gerrish said, “This vision has been informed by thousands of conversations with Thurrock residents about their priorities for the council. A council should be run for the benefit of residents, not for officers and not for politicians. We believe that we need to deliver a Thurrock for the many – a fairer, safer and cleaner Thurrock.

“Our aim is to build a Thurrock that residents are proud of and feel secure in, where their aspirations are championed by the council.

“A Labour council would invest in our future, manage our budgets wisely and build communities fit for the 21st century.”

“Every day we see so many things that need to be improved in Thurrock. We are passionate about getting them done. Above all we will listen to and serve the people of Thurrock.”

The pledges published by Thurrock Labour are a guide to the policies Labour would implement if they took control of Thurrock Council. Manifestos are a way for local residents to hold politicians to account for the promises they make.

Key policies in the Thurrock Labour manifesto include:
A commitment to delivering balanced budgets and strong management
Ensuring the council fights the closure of Orsett Hospital
Prioritising cleaning up Thurrock and dealing with the fly-tipping epidemic
Creating a £400,000 fund to deal with the worst parking hotspots by creating more parking places
Fighting the Lower Thames Crossing
Retaining weekly bin collections
A new focus on improving the air quality in Thurrock
Coordinated action on ASB and crime
Better involvement for residents in council priorities and decision-making

The Thurrock Labour manifesto marks the first occasion in many years in Thurrock where a local party has produced a detailed document to inform local residents about their policies and pledges. It it unknown if Thurrock Conservatives will be publishing a manifesto.

The full list of policies can be read on the Thurrock Labour website: Labour 18

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