Friday, October 7, 2022

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn drops in on Thurrock

Jeremy Corbyn

By Adam Spartley

THE LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn came to Thurrock this morning on a flying visit just 48 hours before the local elections. Mr Corbyn came to Stifford Clays to give support to Labour candidate, Lee Watson and her colleagues as they fight in sixteen wards in the borough.

YT reporter Adam Spartley asked Mr Corbyn for this thoughts on local and national issues. The interview was conducted less than five miles from Tilbury Docks, where in 1948 the first post-war Caribbean migrants arrived from Kingston, Jamaica aboard the Empire Windrush.

The Windrush scandal has seen the Conservative government embroiled in controversy and culminated in the resignation of the Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Ms.Rudd has since been replaced with Sajid Javid, who has assured the public that his ‘most urgent task’ is to get to grips with the Windrush crisis.

Jeremy Corbyn fielded all questions with his usual resolve and seemed unaffected by a passing driver shouting ‘Corbyn you moron’ mid interview.


  1. Thurrock can well do without the Russian comrade Corbyn on it’s streets.
    Please vote anyone but Labour.

  2. We are totaly of a different political and economic ideology thurrocksgonedownhill.

    I voted Labour. As no Green. whats wrong with a fairer society for the majority rather than Tory Billionaiesm.

  3. The thing is under the Tories we have boom and bust not so good for stability.
    Great for us derivatives traders. the next crash is upon us.

  4. Its boom, boom, boom in my business. If you then invest abroad, wow.
    As ABBA sang…Money, Money, Money it’s a rich man’s world.
    No time for losers in today’s society my friend.

  5. As you know being registered blind now poor and limited capability for employment or as you tories call it unproductive and just claimed universal benefit does this mean I am a loser and there is no time for me.

  6. I have to ask CTB if you are blind, how can you read the comments on here?
    To put the record straight I am not a Tory, I fully endorse full support and more for those genuinely unable to work (but not lazy parasites) and give regularly to help good causes.

  7. Easy I copy and paste comments and article into readplease. which vocaly reads them back.
    As you know I have no central vision thus reading detail is difficult. But yes I do have vision but it is below 20/200

  8. CTB I appreciate you clarifying this for me and I sympathise with your plight. Whilst we have differing views the state support system is to provide a good level of support for people like you and I wholeheartedly support that. It is those that abuse it that make it difficult for the genuine people.
    I wish you all the very best and no more personal attacks, just politics.
    Best wishes my friend.

  9. You can attack me politically I welcome it. there should be more of it on here. and from others.

    As for my plight I will be ok. already sorting stuff out. its the ones who really are in poo I feel for.

    I think your great as a guy. But our political views are different. and that might be a good thing for readers.

  10. CTB I commend you.
    Politically we will lock horns no doubt and I admire your broader stance. Personally, glad to hear your ok and sincerely hope you get all the support you require.
    Please rein Vicki in
    PS, I’m not a Tory.

  11. Vikki is a sad case and a reflection on the society we live in and reading yourthurrock there are a lot of people in there teens and 20’s who act like her and want to be youtube stars.
    When I was a kid everyone wanted to be a Policeman a Soldier or a nurse. Now its fame and being a celeb.

  12. I totally agree CTB. They have no brain cells and I think social media has a lot to do with that.


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