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Thurrock Independents make final push before local elections


THE Thurrock Independents are making a final push before the local elections.

Thurrock Independents spokesman said: “On the 3rd May 2018, Thurrock residents get the chance to vote in the local elections to decide who they believe is best placed to run Thurrock Council. This time around residents will have the option to vote for the Thurrock Independents.

“Thurrock Independents are a party that believes the time has come for Thurrock Council to be run in the interests of localism, the needs of local people, rather than in the interests of divisive and destructive party politics. Council elections should be about you, the residents, and not simply a truly tedious power struggle between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Unlike the other options on your ballot paper, a vote for the Thurrock Independents is a vote for a Councillor who is 100% committed to one goal, improving Thurrock for all.

“Politics in this country is now, sadly, nothing short of a disgrace. Aggression, anger, hatred and division now dominate political discussion. The Thurrock Independents entirely reject this approach. Whilst others condemn, vilify and attempt to destroy each other we will always seek to debate, listen, cooperate and reach consensus. A vote for Thurrock Independents is a vote for a better politics for all. Only through working with others can the needs of every part of our communities be met.

“A vote for Thurrock Independents is a vote for a party which is willing to take complete responsibility for its actions. We will not spend our time blaming the government for the council’s shortcomings; we will take action at a local level to fix them. We will not place unnecessary tax burdens on the people of Thurrock; we will create a council that can raise revenue to pay its own way. We will not seek to excuse or cover up poor performance; we will expose it and set ever higher standards for this borough to aspire to. We will not sit idle whilst every last green space in Thurrock is concreted over; we will demand a council committed to protecting the environment and the health of our residents, not one simply acting to meet London’s housing needs.

“If you are happy with the direction that Thurrock has travelled after years of Conservative and Labour run Councils then we may not be the party for you. If you want more of the same then this option is on the ballot paper. Our experience talking to thousands of residents tells us that most people believe that we need to see real change in Thurrock. A vote for Thurrock Independents is a vote for the real change this borough needs. Please help Thurrock Independents secure Thurrock a council that residents deserve; a council where people, not politics, come first. On the 3rd May 2018 vote for change. Vote Thurrock Independents.”

A full list of all canddiates can be found on our politics page.



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