Sunday, September 25, 2022

Thurrock Labour reflect after big gains at local elections

Labour May 18

THURROCK Labour were celebrating this week after making big gains at the Thurrock Council elections. Labour held all six of the wards they were defending and gained three more, to win a total of nine out of the sixteen seats up for election.

Labour gained Ockendon and Belhus from UKIP, while they also defeated the sitting Conservative mayor in South Chafford. It was the most gains that Thurrock Labour have recorded at a single election since Thurrock left Essex to become a unitary authority. It was also the first time that the South Chafford ward has ever been won by Labour.

Across the borough, with one third of councillors up for election, Labour won more votes and seats than any other party. As a result they overtake the Thurrock Independents to become the new official opposition group on Thurrock Council. The Conservatives remain the largest party.

Leader of the Thurrock Labour Group Oliver Gerrish said, “We’re absolutely delighted with these results. Going into the elections we knew we needed to show real progress, so to gain more seats than any other party is a huge achievement.

“I’m very proud of the work done by all our candidates and activists over recent months. We’ve been campaigning so hard over the last year and to see all that work pay off is hugely rewarding.”

Talking about what the local election results mean, Cllr Gerrish said “I think that residents have taken the opportunity to send a message to the local Tory council. They need to rethink their position on Orsett Hospital, they need to do more to tackle anti-social behaviour and they need to do more to tackle litter and fly-tipping in our borough.

“We had a very clear message going into these elections that we needed a fairer, safer and cleaner Thurrock. Our group will now look at the best way to ensure that Thurrock starts to move in the right direction following these local elections.”


  1. Can’t believe Thurrock has so many numbnut voters. Now lets see who is right here? I bet Labour will make no difference at all and this safer, cleaner Thurrock they promise will not materialise.
    Lets see who is right, me or the numbnuts?

  2. Corbyn canvassed in Stifford Clays and it went to Conservatives, Shame Miss Diane never toured around Thurrock, would have been even better.

  3. CTB we will see who is right my friend.
    Make no mistake labour are not for the working class, ask Tony Blair, he can be found at one of the 20 flats he charges outrageous rents for in Manchester!

  4. Big gains….yeah right…before the local elections Labour spouted that they would make massive in roads, hmmm, they never got enough in Thurrock to take the council.

    Lets make one thing clear, not one of the parties can hold their heads high and claim a victory when on average only 30% of people voted, this means that the vast majority either cant be bothered or have no faith in any candidate.

    Labour under the Commie Corbyn and his village idiot Abbott are completely unelectable and no that Momentum are ousting the moderate Labour members out of their seats the part of the working man is all but dead unless you bow before the little red book of communism.

    The Tories may not be great but they are far better than what else is on offer.


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