Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bank Holiday blaze as tyres set on fire near Blackshots Lane in Grays

2300 hrs

ESSEX Firefighters were called to a fire involving a large pile of tyres in Blackshots Lane, Grays this evening (Monday).

On arrival, crews reported that two stacks were alight, amounting to up to 100 tyres. Smoke from the fire could be seen from a considerable distance away.

Crews worked hard to extinguish the fire efficiently despite difficulties establishing a water supply and were able to do so by 6.36pm.

Firefighters then remained at the scene for around 30 minutes to dampen down the area and ensure there was no risk of reignition.

The cause of the fire has been recorded as deliberate.

1830 hrs

View from the streets of Blackshots/Stifford Clays.

1825 hrs

Fire service is in attendance. It appears to be a large quantity of tyres.

1750 hrs

THERE are reports of a large fire in the Blackshots area of Grays.

A reader has described it as in the vicnity of the nature reserve at the back of Blackshots Lane (north of the Thurrock Rugby Club).

More follows.

Blackshots Fire


  1. I was over the far side of that field when it happened walking my dog. they set the bloody piles of tyres on fire. bloody fly rtippers and bloody ares holes for setting it on fire.
    I saw no one though they must of been kids or young adults. what is the world coming too.

    Also saw loads of people watching it from Fairfield and loads of cars going down ashley gardens. bloody watchers.

  2. The pile of tyres is behind the hedge in the video someone has posted (three piles)
    bloody people have no respect.

    too many times cars motorbikes and parts of the field are set on fire.

    Send them all down

  3. Fly tipping is a huge problem in Thurrock. I have reported it (along with neighbours) to the Council several times and in a nutshell they never seem interested, infact it is a chore for them to record residents phoning in. So now none of us bother to call in with reports or evidence.
    Total waste of time.

  4. The Tyres had been dump there for about a week. If they were not removed by the council it was only a matter of time before kids torched them. there must of been 600 tyres there several vans loads.


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