Thursday, October 6, 2022

Blackshots tyres on fire (again!)

2020 hrs

BLACK smoke has enveloped the Blackshots area for the third day in a row.

Residents have reported seeing the plumes that come from a large pile of tyres that have been fly-tipped on land north of the rugby club.

The fire service were out on Bank Holiday Monday and are once again attendance.

Questions have been asked as to why the tyres have not been removed. We will endeavour to find out.

More follows.

Fire 2


  1. It comes as no surprise that the tyres were not removed. Thurrock Council are so not fit for purpose and we all know, incompetent.

  2. Walked the dog over there 6pm today (Wednesday) all three piles of tyres are now scorched marks. No piles left.
    50 or so tyres have been rolled down the slope and are all over the field.
    I fear the Fly tippers will be back with more tyres in a few months once he has enough (few loads)
    call me pessimistic.

    Well done Thurrock Council for the speedy reaction lol


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