Sunday, October 2, 2022

Thurrock Council looking for architect for £7 million “overhaul” of civic offices

Thurrock Council Offices

THURROCK Council is recruiting an architect for a £7 million overhaul of its main civic offices in Grays.

The winner of the estimated £350,000 contract will draw up plans to extend and refurbish the 11,400m² complex, which is comprised of two separate buildings and considered no longer fit for purpose. Tony Fretton Architects completed an initial study for the project earlier this year.

The project, planned to complete in 2020, will refurbish one of the blocks and create a new structure facing nearby Mulberry Square featuring a reception, café, council chamber, committee rooms and flexible offices. The other block will be redeveloped separately

In its brief, the council says: ‘We are seeking consultants to design the project to RIBA Plan of Work Stage 3. The project will then be procured on a Design and Build basis.’

The deadline for applications is midday, 11 June.

For full details, see below.


  1. Can we spend £50 on TYRE-GATE
    removing them tyres over Blackshots that have been put in a pile and will be set on fire by yobs if not removed. No rush its been two weeks and 550 have already been torched in three seperate occasions over three days.

  2. […] In an age of permanent austerity when council spending is being squeezed as funding from central government goes down, Thurrock Council somehow seem to have found a magic money tree that they can spend on tarting up their offices in Grays. See the full story on Your Thurrock: Thurrock Council looking for architect for £7 million “overhaul” of civic offices. […]

  3. I guess the need they need the whole building now for one big social services dept, what with all the Vicky Pollards breeding in Thurrock.

  4. If it’s outdated then so are many of its occupants, serving the residents of Thurrock should come first and the current trend would better suited to a garden shed than state of the art facilities.

  5. To be fair, the building is not that old. I guess it’s in preparation for it’s new status as the ‘London Borough of Thurrock’


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