Sunday, September 25, 2022

Blogspot: Mr Perrin has a word for the Thurrock Indy’s

Mr Perrin’s blog; A Word in Your Ear.

The whinging whining Thurrock Independents Party.

THE depleted Thurrock Independents Party (TIP) now led by Cllr Luke Spillman, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, angrily complain that at the Annual Meeting of Full Council no member of their group was offered the chair of any of the council committees. One does not have to be the chair of a committee to make meaningful contributions to the decisions of committees. Could it be that it is the unavailability of the considerable “Special Responsibility Allowances” paid to Committee Chairs, rather than the value of their contributions, is the reason for the protestations of the TIP Councillors? Me thinks they doth protest too much

They claim the Conservative and Labour Groups conspired to exclude them from chairing any council committees and they are the victims of “dirty back room deals”.

A TIP spokesman stated “Tonight just proves what people have always known, both parties are in it together. Vote Tory get Labour, Vote Labour get Tory”. Big politics has ganged up to stamp on the local Thurrock Independents. While we are passionate about helping the local community, the other parties are only interested in their own self interests”.

Under the current leadership, Mr Woe is me himself, such sanctimony seems to be the hallmark of the Thurrock Independents Party. TIP Councillors conveniently ignore the fact that for the past four years, both as UKIP and TIP they have done “deals” with the Conservatives and Labour in order to secure Chairs of Committees or some other “favour”. I assume that Cllr Luke Spillman and his fellow TIP Councillors do not consider their “deals” as “dirty back room deals” though others might.They are as guilty of the politics of self-interests as any other party. Their mantra “People first, party politics second” is about as sincere as an apology from a politician Vote Thurrock Independents Party get Cllr Tim Aker and his “Gang of Four” Cllrs Spillman, Duffin, Smith and Allen

To whinge and whine, as they are now doing, illustrates the pettiness of the Thurrock Independents Party. Sulky little boys in a big boys arena.

As to their bid to have Cllr Tim Aker elected Mayor, it demonstrates how crass the Thurrock Independents Party is.

Cllr Spillman make the most of your leadership whilst you can for as 2019/2020 local elections loom, the sound of Roy Orbison singing “Its Over” gets louder and louder.



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