Little Thurrock residents win planning appeal: “Fight, if you think you are right”

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RESIDENTS are celebrating after being told the planning inspectorate has ruled against a developer’s appeal to build a new housing estate in Little Thurrock.

Last month a week-long hearing took place at Thurrock Council’s Civic Offices into the appeal against the authority’s decision to oppose plans for 280 new homes on Thurrock Marshes, between the existing Thurrock Park estate and Asda at Tilbury.

Local campaigner Tony Coughlin said: “After a long campaign it would seem we the residents of Thurrock Park and the local community have won.

“The hearing has found in our favour and refused the housing development appeal. From end to end this has been a two year battle from the filing of the original application in June 2016 including us getting the council planning committee to decline the application in June 2017, but the developer appealed and a full public inquiry was given last month.

“The developer employed a very good QC to represent them and I have to say Thurrock Council employed a very good barrister to represent them and us in our opposition. The argument in our favour was clear – this is green belt – this is open countryside and we have lost enough of this already.

“So people, another example that if people fight and have the right on their side, you can win and we did. I am very proud of the residents of Thurrock Park and Little Thurrock for supporting us.

“Lastly, in case there is anyone thinking we are a bunch of NIMBYS please do research where this land is – it’s green belt in an area much been overbuilt.

“It’s a recognised flood plain, so who would want to build houses on a flood plain? And access is down one road which is already congested. This is a victory not only for Thurrock Park but Thurrock as a whole.

“Yes build houses , but don’t build on ever diminishing open spaces much valued and green belt at that! Build on brown belt sites or other more suitable areas! . So, residents of Thurrock, fight if you think you are right!”

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