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Activity camp held at Harris Academy in Chafford Hundred rated “inadequate” by Ofsted

AN ACTIVITY camp hosted at the Harris Academy in Chafford Hundred has been rated inadequate by education watchdog Ofsted.


Mega Camps Mega Camps provide activity day camps for children aged 4 -14 during the half term and school holidays.

Ofsted visited in May 2018.

The report stated:

The provider does not ensure that all information relating to the suitability of staff is easily accessible, meets current requirements and is available for inspection. Leaders are not able to demonstrate that the vetting processes for staff are thorough.

Staff do not adhere strictly to the company’s policies and procedures to keep children safe, in particular they do not follow the policy for medicine administration.

Some members of staff do not have up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding issues to protect children’s welfare.

The provider has not implemented arrangements for ongoing staff supervision to support staff to understand clearly their roles and responsibilities.

Procedures to seek information from parents regarding what they know about their child’s interests, likes and dislikes before they begin at the camp are not good enough.

Systems for self-evaluation are not used effectively enough to drive improvement.

It has the following strengths

Children enjoy their time at the camp. They benefit from a suitable range of activities, indoors and outdoors, and are confident to join in.

Staff are positive role models and support children to develop their own camp rules. This helps children to know what is expected of them and build friendships with each other.

We offered Mega camps a high to reply but they had not been in contact at time of publication.


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