Saturday, October 1, 2022

Thurrock Council lambasted over crime spree in Grays

THURROCK Council came under a withering attack by a Chadwell St Mary councillor over crime in Grays and crime in Grays Park in particular.

Cllr Russell Cherry asked: “What are you going to do about the increase in drug use, gang activity and associated anti-social behaviour in Grays Town Park and elsewhere across Thurrock?

The leader of Thurrock Councillors, Cllr Robert Gledhill was absent so his deputy, Cllr Shane Hebb fielded the questions.


  1. Like it on not the rise in crime is liked with the rise in the immigrant population. Lets face it most of the serious crimes reported on this website have an immigrant connection.
    I have seen drug deals going on in Grays High Street under the cctv cameras and moped riders with off road bikes in the High Street not to mention someone trying to sell a gun.
    Oh lets not forget the barbers springing up everywhere being used as a front for drugs.

    The London Borough of Thurrock has arrived bring all the scum with it.


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