Monday, September 25, 2023

Cheers! Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price visits Coronation Street

THURROCK MP Jackie Doyle-Price paid a visit to the set of Coronation Street and ended up behind the bar of the Rovers Return.

The MP visited the cobbled streets in her capacity as Mental Health minister.

Over the last few months, the soap opera has focussed on a number of mental health issues, culminating in the traffic suicide of Aidan Connor.

Ms Doyle Price said on Twitter: “As minister for mental health, I was pleased to visit @itvcorrie and pay tribute to sensitive handling of difficult stories involving ocd, ptsd, suicide & organ donation.

“The best of British drama making a great contribution to the nation’s health #NHS70”.



  1. No one has done more to drive Thurrock Residents to Suicide than Jackie Doyle Price.
    That Bus is getting Fucking Louder.

  2. What did this do for Mental Health sufferers.
    All I see is a good PR stunt for both Jackie Doyle Price and a northern TV program.

    I still remember that photo of her centre stage at Grays Rail station with the samaritans guy half out of the photo.

    That Bus really is getting louder for us.

  3. Jackie Doyle-Price is minister for mental health but has shown nothing but contempt for people with mental health issues in the past. Now she appears to be a champion of those she despises, ignores and sidelined. This is just a good bit of pointless self-promotion for JD-P with no substance and no real regard for what the appearance is meant to be about. The only connection to mental health that JD-P has is that she is, like all Tories, a delusional psychopath/sociopath.


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