Tuesday, April 16, 2024

“Unacceptable” MP blasts Jackie Doyle-Price, the prisons health minister, who hasn’t visited any prisons



A SENIOR MP has blasted Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price, who is the minister responsible for prison health services, for her failure to actually visit any prisons.

Luciana Berger (Labour) chairs the House of Commons Health Committee. During their quizzing of Ms Doyle-Price, Ms Berger said: “You’ve been a minister for over a year.

“Your first two responsibilities are quality and safety of mental health services and vulnerable groups. You sit on the Prison Health Care Board….

“How can you sit in front of us whilst we are asking you questions about prison health care services when you’ve made one request to visit one prison and you haven’t been to any others ?”

Ms Doyle Price said: “That’s a fair question but I do have a wide ranging portfolio”.

Ms Berger concluded: “I think that is unacceptable”.


  1. now those Thurrock residents who have voted for the lady will surely understand her a little better, she doesn’t care for the people of Thurrock, tells us when we know different that Orsett hasn’t been a hospital for many years, when it is a health hub catering for so many services.

    So I suppose she sees her words ” wide ranging portfolio” as enough to pull the wool over our eyes, when in fact she seems to have no clue what is happening in her own constituency or department.

    Why not do the honorable thing and resign…….


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