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St Luke’s Hospice offer Wig Bank fittings

ST LUKE’S Hospice is keen to let people know that ‘The Wig Bank’ now offers wigs to people who have lost their hair due to any illness, and not just cancer.

Julie Waker

Professional hairdresser and qualified wig stylist Julie Waker has run the volunteer led Wig Bank sessions at St. Luke’s Hospice since December 2017. Unwanted wigs are donated to the ‘Wig Bank’ where they are cleaned and conditioned to a professional standard.

Most of the donated wigs are new or have never been worn. In return for a personal consultation and wig- fitting Julie is asking for a minimum £20 donation to the Hospice

Sessions are held on the last Saturday of each month by private appointment, and have, until now, been restricted to clients who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.

Julie explains, ‘’The feedback we have had since December has been lovely – with lots of people saying that it’s a brilliant initiative. We have been really fortunate in having some amazing wigs donated which are of the highest quality.

Hearing the difference it has made to many people’s lives has been heart-warming. Now that the Wig Bank has become established, and we have a good supply of wigs we have decided to extend the service to support a greater number of people by offering wigs to people who have hair loss due to any other illness as well as cancer treatment.’’

The next Wig Bank session takes place at St. Luke’s Hospice on Saturday 28th July. For more information or to book an appointment – call Julie on 07941 396992.



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