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Kinetika hosts Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer Workshops to prepare for 2019 Carnival

Kinetika hosts Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer Workshops to prepare for 2019 Carnival

HIGH House Production Park, Purfleet was the setting for a carnival parade on Friday 13 July as 70 students from Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer and surrounding schools gathered together with Kinetika artists to begin work on the Kitchen Table carnival project which will lead to a joint carnival in Tilbury in 2019.

Kin 2

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Among a display of the students’ ‘Kitchen Table’ artwork, the schools heard from Kinetika about where carnival originated and how it brings together music, dance and costume to tell a story. Artist Jane Ford choreographed some dance moves for the students using Kinetika’s large silk flags and in printing workshops, the students decorated aprons and chefs’ hats which they wore in the carnival procession. The Tilbury Docker, the 4 metre high puppet commissioned by the Tilbury of the Thames Trust and made by Kinetika with input from local schools and colleges, joined the students for a mini-procession around the High House Production Park before everyone had a picnic in the orchard.

The schools have been working on their Kitchen Table project since March. They have looked at the theme of food in a variety of creative and literary ways including the making and sharing of foods from different cultures. The schools’ artwork for the project ranged from printmaking designs for tea towels, the creation of a large globe using the printmaking techniques, geometry challenges in a box for cupcakes. The schools used literacy exercises in writing to friends and families to exchange favourite recipes. One response to Kitchen Table letter writing was in French which a participant from Chase High School in Southend translated for use in their creative work.

Tilbury Pioneer School brought along a selection of foods for everyone to taste: dishes from Romania, Poland, America, the UK, Africa and more. Beacon Hill School presented their printed aprons and talked about their sensory experiences and all the schools involved had stories about food and examples of how sharing these diverse stories and different recipes had inspired their creativity.

The schools will start working on their own elements of carnival when the new term begins in September, taking a particular theme and linking it across a range of curriculum areas. 2019 is Thurrock’s 21st birthday: 21 years since it became a unitary authority. Kinetika plans to revive the Tilbury carnival to celebrate this anniversary. The Thurrock Trailblazer schools will take part in the carnival as part of their Kitchen Table project. The students who attended the workshops are the schools’ Carnival Ambassadors and will share what they learned with their schools.

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