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Labour candidate John Kent invites Jackie Doyle-Price to public debate on Orsett Hospital


A PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate for Thurrock has challenged MP Jackie Doyle-Price to a public debate on the future of Orsett Hospital.

Grays Thurrock councillor, John Kent said: “Our current MP and health minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, has said the closure of Orsett is the right thing to do.

“I think it is only right she should defend that position to the people of our borough and I’m willing to debate it with her any time, any place, anywhere.”

Mr Kent added: “The planned closure of Orsett Hospital is on everyone’s lips. Even when I’m talking with people battling to save their open space at Manor and Elm Road in Grays, the future of Orsett Hospital is the second thing they say to me.

“Remember, our MP is a health minister, a junior one, but still a health minister. Perhaps she has privileged information from the depths of the health department or the managers of the NHS, something that makes her ignore what local people want.”

He said: “There is no doubt the NHS is a marvellous organisation. Medically – the doctors and nurses, the specialists, the innovators and the scientists – it is unrivalled.

“But as we know, the NHS relies on government for its funding and I fear it is these bean-counters that have put Orsett in this position and it is these same people who aim to deny us our own hospital.

“Instead of supporting local people and fighting for our hospital, our MP seems to have joined the bean counter brigade, but she should have an opportunity to defend herself.

“That’s why I have issued this invitation – as I said earlier, any time, any place, anywhere.”

The invitation was sent on Tuesday July 24th. To date, Ms Doyle-Price has not responded.


  1. This is all a side show.

    The NHS will be privatised

    It will be owned by US corporation United Health for an America First free trade deal.

    Us bankers can then keep the conservatives and labour under payroll and make money by getting united health to jack up healthcare costs on Thurrock residents and make a fortune.

    Persanlly I would jack it up for old ladies in Thurrock having to pay £400000 for a hip replacement.
    We can also jack up prices on medicines and increase them from £15 to £10000.

    This will increase corporate earnings by 0.63% thus grow GDP.

    Everyones a winner. Don’t worry Jackie and John we will donate money to the conservatives and New Labour. We are all in it together remember.

  2. JD-P won’t respond because she’s a gutless coward who can’t provide a single reason why Orsett Hospital should be closed that doesn’t point towards failures of the Tory ‘government’ that she mindlessly and slavishly serves to the detriment of the residents of the Thurrock constituency she is supposed to represent.

  3. You are right Rocket1 They are above us serfs. She serves her masters the multinational corporations.

    Next they will privatise the British Army to a German Corporation in the name of neoliberalism capitalism.
    But don’t worry should Germany invade we can contract in the Estonian Army to defend us.
    The Free market knows best and is always right.

  4. The NHS needs privatising. It is bloated, not fit for purpose and incompetent.

    Your all living the dream of how it once was and now thats gone and it’s not about more cash.

  5. thurrocksgonedownhill the American Private Health care system is fucked. its on its last legs.
    Thats your answer.

    You got stock in United Health or something?
    Or is your Council pension linked to it?

  6. Catching the Bus, are you trying to tell me the NHS is in good health??

    6/7 hour waits only to be seen for 5 mins and sent on your way, nurses & doctors who haven’t a clue and to be frank, don’t care.
    I think your living in the past my friend, think, your just wishing it was like it was and it’s not.

  7. I am simply looking at the true facts of life and business.

    The only thing privatisation will do. Is make Wall Street rich make bankers rich.
    It will not bring down costs. not make the NHS streamlined. In fact it will increase costs as the private companies will want to profiteer.

    Anyone who has looked at the US system knows that.
    A high degree of americans are dropping out of private healthcare cover alone due to the costs another section cannot get cover due to insurance companies (get out clauses).

    and that is what you will bring to the british people.

  8. CTB. I simply look at how inefficient the NHS has become and know it needs a huge shake up to get rid of all the dead wood.


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