Monday, March 4, 2024

Plans for new town centre called “Beyond Lakeside” set to replace Arena Essex

YOU may not pay much attention to our politics or planning pages but references to the land where Arena Essex sits has been made for many years at Thurrock Council meetings.

From Purfleet through Lakeside and up to the land where Arena Essex resides there are plans for housing. The transformation may well see a whole new town centre.

It is all part of the plan to build up to 32,000 homes in Thurrock.

The plan called BeyondLakeside describes itself as follows.

“London Strategic Land. is planning a vibrant new community to the north of Lakeside Shopping Centre. The plans for our land which is to the north of Lakeside include new sports and community facilities, a new primary school, and open space, as part of a mixed use development which will start the transformation of Lakeside from a Shopping Centre into a Town Centre.

Presented here is information and work on our plans which we would like your feedback and comments on.

“While initial discussions with Thurrock Council and a number of local organisations have taken place and continue to do so, a planning application has not been submitted. This process is about engaging with and listening to the local community before a planning application is submitted”.

Have a look at the link below and tell us what you think.


  1. Nice to know that London Startegic Land are part of the Sanne Group and have all their finances in the tax haven of Jersey……….

  2. Well that’s a waste of money, Yh it’s good to have new houses but we all know they’ll be to expensive for young family’s to have. And a new town that’s just greedy and clearly not needed. It’s good to know theses people have common sense and understanding of sustainability …….

  3. Looking at the website those artist impressions seem to emphasise the pylons as part of the design, very attractive…not

    Also a Lido, really a lido on the edge of a notoriously dangerous quarry lake, crazy idea

  4. It is all part of altering the region and focusing on the Lakside area for shopping and leisure.
    RIP Stanford, Corringham, Grays your focus is mere secondary now.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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